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1. What is your deposit policy?

We have a deposit policy for Christmas party bookings which requires the following:

If you have made your booking online, the restaurant manager will contact you regarding your deposit.

2. Do you have a booking policy for PizzaExpress parties?

Our PizzaExpress parties are only available at certain times and locations. You must book in advance and there must be a minimum of 6 people. Please contact the restaurant where you would like to book your party for more information. We cannot accept bookings during our busy Christmas period but you can book to enjoy our Christmas set menu.

3. Does PizzaExpress do children's parties?

Yes, we offer kids' parties. For £9.95 they can have fun and make their own pizza. This includes:

Bookings are subject to availability and we don't do them during our busiest times. If you want to book a party, simply call the restaurant you want to use and talk to the manager. They'll be happy to answer any other questions you have.Get details of your nearest restaurant.

4. How do I contact PizzaExpress?

You have three options. First, you can use our online form.

Second, you can contact PizzaExpress Head Office at this address:


5th Floor
2 Balcombe Street
London NW1 6NW


If you are writing with a complaint please address your letter to the Customer Experience Team.

And finally, you can telephone or fax us using the below numbers:

Telephone: +44 (0)8453 899 489

Fax: +44 (0)8453 899 488


5. How do I book a table? And how can I find out about opening times and facilities?

You can find restaurants, book tables and order takeaway from the PizzaExpress website here. Each of our restaurants sets its own bookings policy. That’s because they know their local customers better than anyone.

We’ve put full information about all our restaurants onto this site. But some details are the same everywhere. Here they are:

If you have any other questions, just contact the restaurant you’ve chosen.

6. Where can I find out about the latest PizzaExpress promotions?

It’s easy. We’ve got full details of all our latest promotional offers on our website. Just click here.

7. Where can I get details of the terms and conditions for PizzaExpress promotions?

The terms and conditions for our latest promotional offers can be found on the offers section of our website. Choose an offer, search for a restaurant, then click on the terms and conditions. Please note that:

8. Where can I buy PizzaExpress Gift Cards?

You have several options. You can buy them here. All our restaurants sell them, too.

If you want to top up your gift card, just phone our team on 0845 1302715. They’ll also answer any other questions you’ve got.

Finally, you can buy our gift cards from these retailers:

9. Do you support charities and local organisations?

Yes, we do. We use our menu to support some national charities.

We add an optional 25p to our American Hot pizza (both Classic and Romana). Right now, the money this raises is supporting three charities:

We add an optional 25p to our Veneziana pizza (both Classic and Romana) which is donated on your behalf to the Veneziana Fund. It's one of the UK's oldest charitable commitments and has raised more than £2 million to date, supporting the Venice in Peril fund as well as the restoration, repair and maintenance of those UK buildings built before 1750.

We also have our PizzaExpress Primary Schools Programme. It’s been going for a few years now, with around 40,000 kids visiting each year. We turn our restaurants into classrooms, using pizza to teach them about nutrition and the provenance of our ingredients.

As you can imagine, we get lots of requests from charities. For donations, yes. But also for fundraising ideas. We’d love to support all of them, but we can’t. And PizzaExpress HQ doesn’t support local charities. But lots of our restaurants do. So your best bet is to contact your nearest restaurant directly.

10. What is your schools visit programme?

We set up this programme in 1999. Local primary schoolchildren visit our restaurants to learn about food. And it lets them see what it’s like to work in a restaurant.

If you’d like to book a visit, just contact the manager at your local restaurant to check availability. Our Schools Programme is seriously popular. That’s great, but it means we can only welcome one year group at a time. And it’s done on a first come, first served basis.

11. What information do you have regarding allergens or the suitability of the menu for different diets?

You can find full calorie information here.

And you can download our allergen and suitability information here.

Vegetarian and nut-free diets

Vegan diets

Our pizza dough is suitable for vegans and, as all of our pizzas are made to order, you can tailor-make your own pizza from our ingredients exactly how you want them.

Gluten-free diets

Most Italian dishes are wheat-based (think pizza and pasta). This makes them unsuitable for a Coeliac. And also for customers who are gluten intolerant. We know that even the smallest amount of flour can cause discomfort if you’re a Coeliac or allergic to gluten. Because we’re inspired by Italy, we can’t promise a wheat-free environment. However, we do have a gluten free dish on the menu – the Melanzane Parmigiana (made with gluten-free bread crumbs). If you want to take your own, gluten-free pizza base to one of our restaurants, that’s absolutely fine with us. Please just contact the restaurant manager before your visit.


At PizzaExpress the quality and integrity of our ingredients remain our number one priority, and we have always been happy to provide information on our ingredients to our guests. 

It is no secret that all the chicken used in our dishes is halal slaughtered. Our teams in restaurants have and always will provide this information, and in addition it is available on the customer service section of our website. We are looking at whether we take steps to make this information even clearer through our menus.

We’re committed to high animal welfare standards and as such the birds are stunned before slaughter. The quality, safety and integrity of our products is paramount and our chicken supplier is accredited by the British Retail Consortium. This means it meets the global standard for food safety. None of our other meats are halal.

If you have any further questions please contact us at


12. How can your House Dressing be suitable for vegetarians if it contains Worcester sauce?

Our House Dressing does contain Worcester sauce. But it’s still ok. That’s because it’s made without anchovy. So it’s still completely fine for vegetarians.

13. Does PizzaExpress use genetically modified products?

To the best of our knowledge - and according to the guidance of our suppliers - PizzaExpress does not use any GM products on our menu.

14. Does PizzaExpress pay minimum wage in full?

Absolutely. We are committed to paying minimum wage. In full. And outright. That means tips are extra.

15. Do your waiting staff receive their tips?

All cash tips go straight to your waiter. But credit card tips and our service charges tips are different. For those, we make a small admin charge of 8%. And the remaining 92%? That’s split 70-30 between your waiter and the kitchen team.

16. What is the 8% administration charge?

We have a legal duty. So do our waiters. We have to make sure that all credit card tips and service charges are taxed. We use a tronc system for this. The 8% charge is what it costs us to run this. It’s a standard administration charge, that’s all. We don’t profit from this.

17. Why did you introduce a tronc?

We need to make sure that tax gets paid on credit card tips and service charges. The tronc is the standard way of doing this in our industry. If you’d like to know more, no problem. Just call the British Hospitality Association. Their number is 020 7404 7744.

18. I am a food and drink supplier, who do I contact to discuss my products?

It’s simple. Please email your details. Our email is

19. I'm interested in becoming a franchisee of PizzaExpress. How do I go about it?

We don’t do franchises in the UK or Ireland. Not anymore. But if you want to know more about franchising abroad, just email

20. Are you supporting the Department of Health's Responsibility Deal?

Yes, we are. In fact, we’re a partner. This means we’ve also signed up to their voluntary codes of practice.

21. How are you supporting the Department of Health's Responsibility Deal?

We’re doing this by providing real choice for those who want a healthier option. It works in two ways:

In April 2009, we introduced a new range of deliciously skinny 500 calorie pizzas. They’re called Leggera. And they’re in all our restaurants. Leggera is just as beautiful as our other pizzas. Just as gorgeous. With a lighter, crispier dough base you can enjoy your favourite toppings for just 500 calories. All Leggera pizzas are inspired by a classic fresella bread from Naples – an Italian bread with a hole in the middle – where the dough at the centre of the pizza is replaced by a fresh salad of rocket and ricotta salata cheese.

Remember that you’re in control. Our pizzas and salads are hand made. Every time. To order. So you can tweak your menu choices to suit your needs. So if you want to cut calories, it’s easy. Just ask for your pizza to be made with light mozzarella. Swap the dressing on your salad. Knock out the dough sticks. Or cut out some ingredients. The ones that are naturally higher in fats and calories. Like pepperoni, for instance.

22. Will you be introducing calories on your menu?

If a customer wants calorie information, that’s fine with us. They should have it. You can find calorie information for our menu right here. And if you’re eating with us, just ask. All our restaurants have calorie crib sheets.

You can find full calorie information here.

23. You have a Jazz Club?

Oh yes. Music is a big deal at PizzaExpress. It’s part of who we are. And we’re just as passionate about great music now as we ever were.

Live music has been at the heart of PizzaExpress for over 40 years and has played host to an array of celebrated performers, from Mose Allison to Jamie Cullum to Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones. PizzaExpress’ music loving founder Peter Boizot thought pizza and live music went well together and opened the PizzaExpress Jazz Club in Dean Street, Soho, in 1971. It is now known all over the world as one of London’s best live music venues. Other PizzaExpress venues dedicated to live music include the legendary former Pizza on the Park, the Music Room in Maidstone and The Pheasantry on the King’s Road. Music is championed across all restaurants through PizzaExpress’ eclectic playlist and in over 70 of its restaurants, local musical talent entertain diners.

If you want to know more, visit our PizzaExpress Live website.

24. What's the story on salt?

We don’t add salt to any of our dishes. You won’t find salt in our restaurants, either. (We removed it some years ago.) We’ve also signed up to the Department of Health’s salt reduction programme. It’s part of their Responsibility Deal. We’re one of the only pizza restaurants to do this.

What does this mean? That we’re working hard to reduce salt in our restaurants. It’s not always easy (for instance, salt helps us prove our pizza dough). But we’re on it.

And remember. You’re always in control. All our pizzas are made to order. Each one, every time. That means you choose what goes on them. So if you’re trying to eat less salt, no problem. Simply ask for your pizza to be made without ingredients that are naturally high in salt, like pepperoni. Instead, go for toppings that are naturally lower in salt, like mushrooms. Our staff will be happy to help out.

25. Will you be displaying salt levels?

We’re on the case. You should be able to read about our salt levels within the next 12 months.

26. Why do your supermarket pizzas have less salt than your takeaway pizzas?

We’ve spent the last few years reducing the amount of salt in our supermarket pizzas. Specifically, in the pizza dough and passata. It takes time to do it properly, without compromising on taste.

Now we’re doing the same with the pizzas in our restaurants. For example, we don’t add salt to any of our dishes. And you won’t find salt in our restaurants. We removed it some years ago. We’ve also signed up to the Department of Health’s salt reduction programme. It’s part of their Responsibility Deal. We’re one of the only pizza restaurants to do this.

And remember. All our takeaway pizzas are made to order. Every time. That means you’re in control. So if you’re trying to eat less salt, that’s fine. When you order your takeaway pizza, just choose toppings that are naturally lower in salt, like mushrooms. And avoid ingredients that are naturally high in salt, like pepperoni.

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